Rural Protection Areas

What is a Rural Protection Area (RPA)?
RPAs are areas specifically designated on the Lake County Future Land Use Map as areas where the land use is intended to remain rural. This designation demonstrates that the county government recognizes that rural areas are not just undeveloped areas waiting for the next suburban or urban housing development to occur, but are communities with residents who choose the rural lifestyle and purchase and build their homes on large lots ranging in size from 5 acres to 40 acres or more. Many families have lived in the areas for generations and passed acreage on to children and grandchildren.

Why live in a rural area?
Families who live in RPAs embrace open space and clean air, appreciate wildlife, and enjoy the many activities associated with rural life. Many residents are local business owners or working families who choose to travel to their employment locations over living in busy city or suburban environments.

Economic benefits of rural areas
Rural residents support local and regional economies with their purchases related to construction, farm equipment, pick up trucks, fencing, riding mowers, restaurants, local markets, and many other typical necessities.

Environmental benefits of rural areas
Rural areas provide open space, aquifer recharge, carbon reduction, wildlife habitat, and many beautiful vistas. Green space and nature provide mental health benefits and can reduce stress.
Rural Roads are used by tourists, bicyclists, and motorcyclists who in turn contribute to the local economy. And where else can you take a ride in the country?

RPA Comprehensive Plan Policies
There are numerous Comprehensive Plan Policies aimed at protecting Rural Character and Rural Lifestyles. Click on the RPA Comp Plan Policies Tab to see these important Plan Policies.

Rural Protection Areas in Lake County:

Emeralda Marsh RPA - located in the north central part of the county, Emeralda Marsh RPA includes areas west of the city of Umatilla to west of Lady Lake. It includes areas that surround Emeralda Marsh Conservation Area and Lakes Yale and Eustis.

Wekiva - Ocala RPA - located in the eastern part of the county, east of the city of Eustis and east to the Wekiva and St. Johns Rivers. Located near thousands of acres of conservation lands and the Ocala National Forest, Seminole State Forest and northern parcels of the Wekiva Basin State Park system. A small portion of this RPA is located in the extreme northern portion of the county.

Yalaha - Lake Apopka RPA located in central Lake County, this RPA stretches from the city of Leesburg east to Lake Apopka.

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